Update Systems was founded in Saint Louis in 1979. Since the beginning Update Systems has been a full service custom electronics provider. Update takes full turnkey responsibility starting with engineering through electronics manufacturing.
We focus on quality and zero defects with exceptional customer service. This philosphy has rewarded us with long term customers whom we serve everyday:
  • Gardner Denver air compressors for 27 years
  • DRS Technologies military products for 25 years
  • Ingersoll Rand/Cameron Compression electronic controls for 24 years
  • Nibsco Automation precision servo actuators for 15 years
  • Courion Elevator electronic controls for 15 years
  • TLD Medical PCBs for 14 years
  • Young Dental PCBs for 10 years


From conception through production Update Systems has the skilled engineering staff to complete your custom electronic control. Engineering management from PCB design, layout, firmware, and software development are all completed at our St. Louis location.

Surface Mount Production Line

Solder paste is printed onto blank boards in the Tucano Stencil Printer, then the boards are populated by the pick and place and fired in a reflow oven.

Stencil Printers:

  • Precision stencil printer with accuracy of 10 uM repeatable
  • 2D automatic inspection of solder paste application and bottom of stencil surface
  • Automatic cleaning system for the bottom side of stencil

Surface Mount Pick and Place

  • Surface Mount machine visually inspects every component before placement.
  • .03 mm(.001") repeatable placement accuracy
  • 3 pick and place machines that can place up to 30,000 components per hour

Reflow Oven

  • Oven has seven heating zones with temperature control within one degree
  • Air flow close loop controlled

AOI Inspection Cell

  • Performs component level visual inspection.
  • Has 5 ten-megapixel cameras that inspect components from all angles.
  • Inspects each component: resistors, capacitors, diodes, IC leads, electrical shorts, open/cold solder joints.

Functional PCB Test Station

  • Automated test station performs fully loaded functional test of hardware and operation
  • We test 100% of all assemblies prior to shipment: 100% of each input, output, and all communication parts