Premium High Bay LED


  • Approx 130-135 Lumens per Watt
  • Protection foldback circuit for ambient temps over 122°F
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum enclosure for maximum heat dissipation & long fixture life
  • Frosted lens standard
  • No maintenance - No lamps or ballasts to replace!
  • 5 year warranty
  • Ambient temp -40°F to 122°F
  • Universal dimmable driver 120-277 VAC
  • Color temperature: 4000k or 5000K
  • Cable mounting standard. Pendant or Direct mounting available as options
Model Wattage Lumens Lumens/watt
US9000 76 9900 131
US12000 96 12900 135
US18000 144 19370 135
US24000 192 25800 135
US36000 288 38740 135
Model (L)ength Weight
US9000, US12000 18” 10 lbs
US18000 24” 13 lbs
US24000 36” 20 lbs
US36000 48” 26 lbs
INSIGHT LED Model Number Comparable Light Source(s)
US9000 4-Lamp T8; 2-Lamp T5HO
US12000 6-Lamp T8; 250 W MH
US18000 4-Lamp T5HO; 400 W MH
US24000 4-Lamp T5HO; 400 W MH
US36000 750 W MH


Part # Description
PEN-100 Pendant/Direct Mount for US9000, US12000, US18000
PEN-200 Pendant/Direct Mount for US24000, US36000
HK-100 Cable Hanging Kit
6 foot long power cord with a plug
10 foot long power cord with a plug
POW-6 6 foot long power cord without plug

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